About Us

Stamford Helping Paws was organized in 2016 as the fundraising partner of the Stamford Animal Control and Care Center.  One of our biggest challenges is to raise funds for a new Stamford Animal Control and Care facility, and this is the organization's top priority.  

The SACCC was built at a time when shelters were used as temporary housing for lost pets who, if not returned to their homes, were usually put down within days.  It was never designed to comfortably house pets until they could be adopted.  

But now, pets at SACCC can stay until they find a loving family.  And in order to keep them comfortable and promote adoptions within the community, the shelter needs to be redesigned.  The City of Stamford has very limited funds to allocate toward a new shelter, so we need help from animal-loving community members who want to see a state-of-the-art shelter in Stamford.  

Of course, we're always happy to receive donations (see the Donate tab, above) but we're also looking for people to help us raise funds for the SACCC.  If you're interested in joining, please email us using the form on the CONTACT page, or directly at Info@Stamfordhelpingpaws.org

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